Great Minds Public Relations helps organizations, companies & individuals communicate with the public, potential clients, targeted consumers, future partners, to government decision-makers, through different media channels.

Empathy and respect are the cornerstones of understanding and necessary to create conversations, eventually, they will lead to engagement.

IN GMPR we believe that to create an immensely deep impact, we build our campaigns on 3 pillars, creative content, because in a content-saturated world, where everyone is trying to grab attention, we produce and distribute outcome-focused content in a variety of formats that matches the consumption behaviours of the audiences we need to influence.

Second, strong media relations and unparalleled insight into the ever-shifting media landscape and the relationships necessary to generate high-quality coverage and visibility for the stories our clients want to tell.

Third, developing integrated media strategies to optimize the impact of a great story or campaign, we depend on the production of an artful blend of new and traditional media distributed across owned, earned and paid channels to reach audiences in the right place at the right time.

In Great Minds Public Relations we believe in Mindful Communications, that a great PR campaign shouldn’t only grab attention, it should demand interaction, generating long-term value for our clients around the world.

Our values are the foundations that we build our success upon, we value the truth and we believe it is now more important than ever. We do not promote fake news or help promote anything that does not comply with our organizational high standards, values, & ethics, as without truth there’s no trust, and without trust, there’s no audience willing to engage.

Everyone & every brand has stories to tell that shouldn’t only engage, inform, inspire, surprise, & impact the public but also deliver measurable business goals.

In Great Minds PR we create tailored PR plans for our clients that suit & serve their corporate goals, to communicate their message to their targeted audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image & a strong relationship with the audience.

Starting by planning publicity strategies & PR campaigns, writing creative content, liaising with the media, & organizing media gatherings, till listening to the media and measuring the reach and impact of the campaigns.