Who We Are

At Great Minds Public Relations, we create tailored PR plans for our clients that suit and serve their corporate goals, to communicate their message to their target audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image and a strong relationship with their audience.

We excel in planning PR campaigns starting from publicity strategies, writing creative content, liaising with the media, organizing media gatherings, to listening to the media and measuring the reach and impact of the campaigns.

We believe in mindful communications. We believe that a great PR campaign shouldn’t only grab attention, it should demand interaction, generating long-term value for our clients around the world.

What we do

Startups and established brands alike depend on Public Relations as one of the key pillars of their success, as it provides the tools to gain and maintain control of their brand image and make a great and everlasting first impression.

We excel in creating captivating content to persuade your audience utilizing our storytelling abilities, to spark conversations and build communities across online and offline channels.

What’s special about Great Minds Public Relations is that our services merge expertise in branding, creative writing, media relations, and modern propaganda strategies with precise analytics and measurable results to meet the needs of corporations, government, and nonprofits.

Our model is fine-tuned to create, publicize and protect your brand and reach target users on any platform or device with mindful sensational content, and deep media landscape understanding.

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Brand awareness

Brand awareness


Thought leadership

Employee Communications

Employee communications

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Crisis management

Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation

Brand strategy

Brand strategy


Communications diagnostics

Media training

Media training

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